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Compilation: Salsa Creole

Salsa Creole album cover

2003 Release
Nili Belkind: Producer


Scott Aleen Davis, Earball
The latest in Tinder Records’ salsa-around-the-world series, Salsa Creole is a aural tour of Afro-Caribbean musical styles from zouk to bolero to jazz to…yes, salsa! The highlights include piano virtuoso Mario Canoge from Martinique, whose jazzy “Adelante” features some powerful keywork, tempo changes, and energy. Former bank clerk and Kassav singer Ralph “Crooner of the Caribbean” Thamar shimmies through the salsa opener “Un Nueva Era” and the merengue “Philosophie.” The variety of styles threatens to spin out of control, though even Edith Lefel’s homage to Edith Piaf, “La Foule,” toes the line by combining the vocals of French chanson with the music of Cuban bolero. The liner notes include interesting information on the performers, who also include Shoubou and Africando (Haiti), Haitiando (Miami), Bago (Martinique), Henri Guédon (Martinique), and Malavoi (Martinique)...

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