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Compilation: Que Ryko Latino

Ay Que Ryko Latino album cover

2000 release
Nili Belkind: Compiler


Matthew Corwine,
Ryko have gathered some of their strongest artists such as the illustrious Jose Alberto, Jimmy Bosch and Jesus Alemany's Cubanismo to deliver a solid, non-gimmicky round-up of salsa styles such as son, merengue, guaracha and guaguanco. (No Joe Santana or Ricky Martin here!) There's even a little pure rumba and samba--but no Latin jazz which should warm the heart of purists but will disappoint more adventurous Latin music lovers. For those of you that enjoyed "Buena Vista Social Club!", this is a chance to equate yourself with the sort of salsa most Latin lovers step to these days... Buoyant rhythms, virtuosic piano solos and uplifting brass arrangements reign throughout the album especially from the tracks by Jose Alberto and Cubanismo [2,4,7 and 9], the songs that have the strongest identity on this compilation. All in all, Que Ryko Latino is thoughtful and tastefully compiled--great for parties or practising dance steps.


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